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UMNL Assortment in Metal Case UMNL0406

UMNL Assortment in Metal Case UMNL0406
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Product no.: UMNL0406
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Products description

1Metal Case
21Interface Seals
42Single Wire Seals


5 x0-0350777-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 2-pole
5 x0-0350766-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 3-pole
4 x0-0350779-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 4-pole
3 x0-0350715-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 6-pole
2 x0-0350720-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 9-pole
1 x0-0350735-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 12-pole
1 x0-0350736-4Universal MATE-N-LOK Plug Housings 15-pole
5 x0-0350778-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 2-pole
5 x0-0350767-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 3-pole
4 x0-0350779-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 4-pole
3 x0-0926682-3Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 6-pole
2 x0-0350782-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 9-pole
1 x0-0350783-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 12-pole
1 x0-0926647-3Universal MATE-N-LOK Receptacle Housings 15-pole
5 x0-0794269-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Interface Seals 2-pole
5 x0-0794271-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Interface Seals 3-pole
4 x0-0794273-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Interface Seals 4-pole
3 x0-0794275-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Interface Seals 6-pole
2 x0-0794277-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Interface Seals 9-pole
1 x0-0794279-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Interface Seals 12-pole
10 x0-0794270-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 2-pole
10 x0-0794272-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 3-pole
8 x0-0794274-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 4-pole
6 x0-0794276-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 6-pole
4 x0-0794278-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 9-pole
2 x0-0794280-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 12-pole
2 x0-0794282-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Wire Seals 15-pole
100 x0-0926897-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Male Contacts 0,2-0,8mm²
100 x0-0926898-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Male Contacts 0,5-2,1mm²
100 x0-0926895-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Female Contacts 0,2-0,8mm²
100 x0-0926893-1Universal MATE-N-LOK Femele Contacts 0,5-2,1mm²