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Delivery times are only valid if deliveries are made on time by the relevant manufacturer!

Dear customers,

the delivery times are considered to be standard delivery times, provided that they are supplied by the manufacturer in question.
Due to the pandemic, however, the global flow of goods is severely disrupted in large areas. In addition, the war in Ukraine has had a significant impact on the availability of various products and raw materials. As a result, various of our suppliers are currently having problems with the manufacture of their products and cannot meet promised deadlines. Sometimes we cannot even be given deadlines for the orders we have placed. The manufacturers sometimes refer to force majeure.
Our delivery times may therefore vary under certain circumstances if we are not supplied accordingly by the manufacturer.
We have tried to counteract this since the beginning of the pandemic and increased our stocks accordingly in order to be able to continue delivering. However, we were not able to avoid all delivery problems with the measures we took. We continue to try to keep the products offered here in the shop available so that we can deliver them on time. However, we are reaching our limits more and more frequently as we usually receive very short-term postponements from the manufacturers or simply allow these confirmed delivery dates to pass.


We ask for your understanding

Your Steckerladen-team